Monthly Challenges for 2016

Hey everyone,

I am mixing the challenges up a little this year hopefully to get more people engaged. Below you will find the challenge for each month so that you can have plenty of time to prepare. At the 2016 AOPC Christmas Party, everyone who participated will be in a drawing for a prize. We will continue to give a monthly $25 gift card to Bedford’s Camera to participants that will be randomly drawn. The purpose of the challenges to is make you shoot something different and utilize creativity. It is not a contest of skills so please do not worry about having the best photograph. Participate and enjoy. Please no cell phone pics taken from your car! 🙂

January 2016 – Patterns. Whatever you want your photo to be as long as it involves patterns.

February 2016 – Center Composition. Create a unique photo breaking the rules of composition by centering your subject.

March 2016 – Food. I know we do landscape, but step outside your box and get creative.

April 2016 – Perspective. Create a photo of somewhere outdoors that involves a person to give your viewer a mental image. A lot of times photographs can be stronger with a person involved so that viewers can imagine themselves in the scene. Do not get confused, I am not asking you to take a picture of a person. Get creative. 🙂

May 2016 – Reflection. Can be a reflection of anything. Show us what you got.

June 2016  – Black & White. Spend some time to find you a good subject for a black and white shot. Can be a outdoors, a building, person, or something abstract.

July 2016 – From the ground. I want this challenge to force photographers to shoot from the ground. So many times we are so quick to set up our tripod as is and never look to see if a lower angle might make the picture more dynamic. Use a towel if you do not want to get dirty.

August 2016 – Stars. Let your imagination run wild taking a picture of the night sky.

September 2016 – Building(s). Know of a cool looking building? Show us.

October 2016 – Fall color. Speaks for itself. Be creative.

We will not accept any photos ahead of time. Only submit pictures for the current challenge at the monthly meeting. If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank You,