Well, I’m sorry to say that our host at Oaklawn has had to cancel our field trip tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice, but we just now found out.

Stay tuned for another date! One of these days, hopefully, we can get a trip in, before the end of the meet!

The Arkansas Daffodil Show is having a photography show!

The Arkansas Daffodil Society is having a photography show in conjunction with their annual Daffodil show.  The show will be held the weekend of March 20-22, and it will be held at the new Community Center in White Hall.

The categories are:

Portraits of Daffodils – a close-up of a single daffodil bloom or up to three blooms of the same cultivar.
Daffodils in the Landscape or Garden.
Daffodils in their Native or Natural Habitat.
Daffodils and People.
Daffodils and Animals.
An arranged still life incorporating daffodils.
Abstract or special effects incorporating daffodils or daffodil elements.

In order to provide sufficient exhibition space exhibitors must register in advance by contacting the Photography Chairman, Bonnie McClure, indicating the intention to exhibit and the number of photographs, if known. There is no entry fee, and exhibitors need not be members of the ADS. This notice should be sent to the Photography Chair Bonnie McClure, 12 Stoneridge Drive, Pine Bluff, AR 71603; Phone: 870-575-2446 or 870-575-2444, or e-mail: bonnie@bgmcclure.com. Include a return mailing address or e-mail address. The deadline is Thursday, March 19, 2015.

Please read the rest of the rules here: Rules
Also, here is a copy of the entry cards for you to use: Entry Cards

Remember, contact Bonnie McClure to let her know you will be entering.

ps, if you are interested in the Horticultural sections of the show, please contact Jim Russell at jwrusse@comcast.net for further information.  They even have sections for unnamed daffodils.

Oaklawn Trip is ON!

Our field trip to Oaklawn this Sunday is a GO! It may rain a little late in the day but we should be fine. Here are the details again:

We will meet at 7:00 AM at the track employees’ restaurant for breakfast. At 8:15 or so we will meet outside the restaurant for our tour of the paddock areas. Our host has a broken foot, so we may be a little limited in where she can take us, but we will at least get to see some of the behind the scenes operations. After our tour, we will have some free time until the races start. We usually eat lunch in the same cafeteria. We will then meet our host to get passes to take photos along the rail in front of the grandstands. Usually there are enough passes for a few of us at a time, so if you are leaving early, let us know so we can get you up front for one of the early races.

As a reminder, there will be no flash photography allowed. The horses don’t like that and you could spook them. These are not your regular old barnyard animals, so please don’t go into an unapproved area, like in front of the ambulance.

This will be a great opportunity to shoot some action shots and even some motion blur shots, as well as portraits of these awesome animals. I look forward to seeing you there!

David Gillson

AOPC President