Hello from the new President

As the new President of the Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club, I wanted to say hello.  I am looking forward to the next year of activities that we are planning.  We will be going to Oaklawn Park in February, shooting fireworks on the Fourth of July, and hopefully going to Gaston’s and Blanchard Springs.  Pay attention to the website for updates on times and locations.

We will also have a slate of great photographers making presentations at our meetings, including Denny Grandle and Tim Ernst.  We will also have lots of opportunities to learn!

The Executive Board consists of myself, Vice President Bobby Burton, Secretary/Treasurer Nick Dawson, Past President John Sutton, and Librarian Karen Russ.  I appreciate the work that they have done and are doing for the club.  See the About Us page for contact info.

Some housekeeping notes:  It’s time to pay dues, so they will be collected at the February meeting.  Dues are $35 per family per year.  Our Join Page has more info about that.  Only paid members get to vote, show images at the open projector, or win prizes!  Also, we have an AOPC Facebook Group Page that is only available to members.  I have recently deleted a bunch of join requests that I wasn’t able to identify as a member, so if I deleted yours inadvertently, please request to be added again.

We are looking forward to seeing you this year.  May you always have favorable light.


David Gillson
AOPC President

AOPC Meeting Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night is our January AOPC Meeting and elections for the new club officers. As of right now, the candidates are David Gillson for President, Bobby Burton for Vice President and Nick Dawson for Sec/Treasurer. If there is someone else that you would like to nominate, be sure to be there and make your voice heard.

Our speaker for this month is Steven Hunter. Here is information about him:
Graced by the Light
The Cherokee Prairies
About Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Fort Smith, Arkansas. He graduated from Southside High School in Fort Smith, earned two degrees from the University of Arkansas and one from the University of Central
Arkansas. His photography schooling has been limited to the School of Hard Knocks, and Trial and Error.
 Steven’s parents gave him his first camera when he was twelve years old, and his grandmother fostered a love of photographs by poring over the family photos with him. His passion for nature photography became intense while living for a time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin as he raised his own growing family. He continued to hone his nature photography skills as his jobs took the family from Wisconsin back to Arkansas, then to Missouri, and then again to Arkansas.
 For thirteen years Steven has lived in Fort Smith with his family. A grandson has been added to his ever growing family since his last book, and he is still taking nature photographs as often as he can, primarily in Arkansas and Oklahoma. His photography hangs in private homes and businesses, and is on display in the lodge and cabins of Mt. Magazine State Park, Arkansas.
Check out www.lookingforthelight.net to purchase fine art prints and books, or contact Steven directly at
About the book
Graced by the Light, The Cherokee Prairies is a testament to the beauty and to the healing power of nature found in the tallgrass prairie, a place full of life and infused with light. It is a land few Arkansans know about, a relatively undiscovered gem.
 My first book, Mount Magazine, Looking for the Light, A Photographer’s Journey, was about my ten year endeavor to capture the beauty of Arkansas’ highest mountain. Graced by the Light, The Cherokee Prairies reveals an overlapping ten year journey to some of the last tallgrass prairies surviving in western Arkansas.
 While taking the photographs for this book there were times I felt that I had been singled out to be blessed by God’s grace and light, as I walked through the grass, amongst the flowers. It is my desire to pass His blessings on to others through these pictures.
 Over one hundred twenty photographs detail the prairie in all of its moods: bright and cheerful, soft and beguiling, dark and menacing. These photographs include grand landscapes, as well as intimate details. So, join me on my walk and be “Graced by the Light.”
About the program
After being introduced I will begin the program by telling about myself and a little bit about how my book came to be. I’ll speak about the Cherokee Prairies, which are near Charleston, Arkansas, and about what makes them so special. Then I’ll begin the slide show. It has one hundred and eighteen pictures with accompanying music and will last about fifteen minutes. Upon completion of the slide program I’ll take questions and comments from the audience. I will speak about nature photography in general, and I’ll talk about pictures the audience members ask about. I’ll also speak about my experience of book production if the audience is interested.