Two Volunteer Opportunities for AOPC Members

In the upcoming weeks, there will be some opportunities for AOPC members to volunteer some of your valuable time to help out a couple of different causes.

  1. At the George Lepp Seminar next week, Bedfords is going to let us put up a small booth to advertise the Club. If you can help out, please let John Sutton or Jason Crader know.
  2. MAPSym 2013 is in need of a speaker. Here’s the message that John Baltz, the coordinator of MAPSym sent me:

    Is there anyone in AOPC that would like to teach an hour and half session at MAPSym?  They get to attend MAPSym for free, so it is a great exchange for the instructor, but more importantly it helps bring AOPC as an active participant in the region.

    Also it would be wonderful for AOPC to have a person on the committee.  We have a member-at-large position available for AOPC. The MAPSym committee has a private Facebook group for organizing the symposium, so all the members can function from anyplace in the region.  An at large position is an easy position as it doesn’t have any task other than to represent the interest of AOPC and perhaps provide a little assistance at MAPSym when check-in gets backlogged.  It would also be great for transparency in that AOPC would have a “person on the inside” to answer any questions AOPC members may have.

    I know I sent a couple very similar emails to the addresses listed on the AOPC site, and I apologize if I somehow missed the response.  Time is quickly running out to finalize the sessions and I truly do want AOPC to be involved in MAPSym for a future were the photo organizations of the region and especially Arkansas are less isolatory and work together for larger combined events.

    P.S. – The session’s coordinator position is also still open if an AOPC member would like to take a more active role in the symposium planning.  The session coordinator contacts the speakers prior to symposium to see what they will need in their session, assigning rooms at the conference center for the session, and works with the IT and Model committee members to ensure everything is ready for each session.  It may not be as easy and laid back role as the member-at-large position but an important position if anyone in AOPC is willing to take on the task as session coordinator.

    If you can help, please let me know. Here is the direct link to the MAPSym website:

Blending images in Photoshop

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.04.46 PM

I read this article earlier tonight about blending images in Photoshop on‘s website. It’s a good one about this topic and I thought I’d share the link for others to read.

Direct link to the article:

AOPC is a part of the Bedford Gallery Series

Thank you Charlie Knott for providing the photos you see below. He and JoAn recently visited Bedford Camera & Video in Little Rock to view the AOPC canvas prints that is currently hanging in the Bedford Gallery Series. Bedford Camera has been very gracious to the Club throughout the years and I encourage you to visit the store to view the gallery. They’ve done a nice job with the display. Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday from 9am-6pm.

IMG_2808Ecomp IMG_2809Ecomp IMG_2811Ecomp IMG_2815Ecomp IMG_2843Ecomp

Bedford Camera AOPC Gallery


Just had an email from John Rose advising the gallery of AOPC picture is up and inviting all to come by and see the photos.  He said thanks to all who participated and he is looking forward to seeing all AOPC members for a gallery visit.
Marilyn Sutton