News and notes from AOPC President John Sutton

I hope everyone had a good weekend and everyone that wanted to was able to take advantage of the free print from the Canon rep on Saturday at Bedfords. The prints we got were really good and if I hadn’t bought Marilyn one last year, I would have picked up one. A couple were sold to AOPC members while I was there, so you might check with them at the next meeting to get their opinion of the quality.

If you try to contact me 02/28 – 03/8, you may or may not get a response. If you have urgent questions or need to pass along info during that period, please contact Ted McClenning ( 
 These are little bits and pieces of info for AOPC members for 02/24/13:

1) Please start sending emails to me at my alternate email account. It’s  I’m getting so much spam in my regular account I may miss something important if i don’t recognize who it’s from. According to the spam, I’m now worth about 10 Billion, but it’s all in Nigerian bank accounts and I can’t afford the airfare to go pick it up.
2) Bobby Burton has created an account for you to send stuff to him for the F-stop newsletter. It’s
In addition, please get anything you want included in this months newsletter to him by Tuesday. I realize it’s short notice, but we need to get it done before Thursday (no pressure there Bobby :-D).
3) From Jim Hughes
Saw a post on Facebook that MAPSYM (Mid America Photography Symposium) in Eureaka Springs registration is now open.  The website is
It is June 1 and 2 2013.
4) From Alex Kent at Bedford’s
I’ve got a friend with some equipment for sale and was wondering if you and John could pass along the word for me?

Here’s what I put on FB this AM…

Good morning photo buddies! I’ve a got a friend who has an incredible Nikon set-up that would be great for anyone who is wanting to step up to higher performance camera and have a good all around set of lenses + accessories. He would like to sell it all as one package if possible. Here’s the list…

Nikon D-300

AF-S VR I Zoom Nikkor 18-200 F3.5 – 5.6 G IF-ED

Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f/4 G IF-ED

Nikon Speedlight SB800

Nikon Muiti-Power Battery Pack MB-D10

LowePro SlingShot 200 AW

Original Nikon Bag (Never used)

The Tripod (I’m pretty sure it’s Manfortto, but I’ll have to check)

Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe LightRoom 2
(All Nikon items are like new and have the original box)

He also has filters, cleaning kits, and all documentation

I will have a price for anyone who is seriously interested or make an offer.

If anyone is interested you can contact me at

Hope you have a good week
John Sutton


Nikon addresses the dust/oil issue of the D600

Todd Sadowski, a new AOPC member, has had a lot of problems recently with Nikon’s new D600. You can read about Todd’s problems here:

Check out Nikon’s official statement below:

Some D600 users have reported the appearance of random spots on their images which is generally attributed to the natural accumulation of dust.
While understanding that dust will occur over time, and steps may be taken to reduce the occurrence, the complete elimination of these dust spots may sometimes be difficult.

It has come to our attention that, in some rare cases, they may be reflected noticeably in images and removal may be difficult using normal measures. Therefore, Nikon is informing users of a service to reduce this issue.


As a first step, please follow the guidance from the D600 User’s Manual (pages 301-305) related to the Clean Image Sensor function and manual cleaning using a blower bulb.

If these measures do not remove all dust particles and you are still experiencing problems, then please consult your nearest Nikon service center. The technicians will examine the camera thoroughly, and service it as needed.

Requesting service

See the following for instructions on requesting service by a Nikon service center.

Please direct inquiries regarding this matter to your nearest Nikon service center.

We hope that you will continue to choose Nikon for your photographic needs.

Todd told me at the Club meeting on Thursday, that he swapped out his D600 for a D800 at Bedfords that day. I hope the D800 works better for him than his nightmares with the D600.